• Question 1: How Can I Sow My Seed Online With My Major Credit Card?
  • Answer:

    A. We Accept Many Major Credit Cards Including Visa, Mastercard And Discover..! To Sow Your Special Seed, Please Follow These 6 Easy Steps:

    1. Select Button 8 Seed-Giving.
    2. Designate Your Seed By Selecting A Special Outreach.
    3. Complete The Name And Address Section.
    4. Provide Your Prayer Request.
    5. Enter Your Credit Card Information.
    6. Submit Your Online Seed.

    B. You Will Receive A Seed Receipt Via Email Immediately After You Process Your Online Seed..!

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  • Question 2: What Are The Different Ways I Can Sow A Seed Into The Wisdom Center..?
  • Answer:

    A. According To Our Partners, Sowing Online Is The Most Convenient Way To Sow. Simply Click On Button 8 “Seed-Giving” To Process An Online Seed… Today..!

    B. You May Also Sow By Phone By Contacting Our Partner Love Center At 888-947-3661. We Are Available 24 Hours or Call 817-759-0300 From 10a – 5p (CST) Monday – Friday.


    C.  If You Would Like To Mail A Seed, Please Use Our Mailing Address: PO Box 14099, Fort Worth, TX 76117.

    D. Don't Forget..! Text A Seed..! Sow Your Seed From The Convenience of Your Cell. Visit Button 22 for More Steps To Start Texting Your Seed Today..!

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