• Question 1: How Can I Become An ONLINE Member of The Wisdom Center Church Family?
  • Answer:

    A. We Are Honored You Are Considering Becoming An Online Church Member.

    B. To Become A Member of  The Wisdom Center Online Church... Please Visit Button 28 (Online Church Membership).

    C. Once You Are There, Please Complete The Following Steps:
    1. Read The Mission Statement.
    2. Read The Statement of Faith.
    3. Review Our Information Guide.
    4. Watch "The Vision of The House With Dr. Mike Murdock!"

    D. Once You Have Viewed The Vision of The House With Dr. Mike Murdock, You Will Be Able To Complete/Submit Your Online Membership Form.

    E. The Wisdom Center Will Contact You Via Mail And Email... Confirming Your Membership.

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